Medical Design Portfolio - Jasper Faber 2018


Design Research | Eindhoven Technical University

A good quality of sleep is essential for human well being. There are many factors that have their impact on the quality of sleep, and environmental factors are one of them. Nowadays companies try to design products that provide insight into a range of different factors within the bedroom environment so that a person can maintain a healthy bedroom environment. These products are based on socially constructed comfort beliefs that are getting more and more standardized. Comfort is, however, highly subjective and greatly depends on person and situation. Especially in the bedroom, which offers many opportunities for adaption. This research focusses on exploring personal comfort in the bedroom to find out what strategies people use to judge and adjust their bedroom environment as well as to find out what future design opportunities could be.


The results indicate that future technologies on the area of climate judgment should emphasize insight in air quality and transform boundaries to suggestions. On the area of modification, while still more research is needed, technologies could be devised that provide fresh artificial air. 


With a combination of technology probes,  workbooks and ethnographic interviews, reflection is provoked and insights are captured. The project results provide insight in the way how people judge and adjust their bedroom environment, and complements findings that provide insight into guiding people towards their personal comfort zone. In addition, they highlight future improvements, desires and wishes from user perspective.