Medical Design Portfolio - Jasper Faber 2018

The Excelscope

Embodiment Design | Delft University of Technology

The Excelscope is a smart malaria diagnostics device that leverages the functionalities of a smartphone to capture magnified images of a blood smear and provide a remote diagnosis. It makes use of a smartphone, optical diagnostics and algorithms to diagnose malaria parasite at the early ring trophozoites and other mature stages of the malaria parasite’s developmental cycle. It is a low-cost, easy to use diagnostic instrument integrated with smart algorithms for automatic localization and detection of parasitized red blood cells. In this project, the already existing concept has been optimized by making it ready for a field test and first series production. This is done by integrating different subsystems into one body that is able to produce images that can be solved by the algorithm.


This project was a collaboration of a team of six industrial design students, optics researchers, software engineers and doctors. It started off with a concept and many sub-systems that were developed from idea to proof-of-concept. The team worked through the course of six months to integrate all subsystems into one functional product that was able to fulfill its purpose. An elaborate design process has been subject to achieve this final result. See the slideshow below for a quick journey through the process.