Medical Design Portfolio - Jasper Faber 2018

The Mirrorcle

Concept & Embodiment Design | Eindhoven Technical University

Exercising is fashionable. Whether you have been given exercises by a physiotherapist, to help recover from low back pain, or are improving your fitness, there comes a time where you stand in front of the mirror, and exercise. But are you doing it right? The Mirrorcle uses a motion tracker to capture the points of your back and visualize them as a line in your reflection. It can remind you of how to do you exercise, and predict how long it will take for you to achieve your recovery or fitness goal.


This project started out as a concept development project. By performing a literature review, ideation and three iterations of prototyping, the first concept behind the Mirrorcle was born. The project was awarded best of the design health space and was invited to the Smart Homes exhibition. After that, the team decided to continue with the concept and start a new embodiment phase. During this phase, hardware and software design was utilized to develop the first working prototype of the Mirrocle. This prototype was used to present at the TU/e contest, which granted the project with the 3rd place. See the slideshow below for a quick journey through the process.