Medical Design Portfolio - Jasper Faber 2018


Concept Design | Delft University of Technology

Sane is a concept that has been developed for Adelante, a chronic pain rehabilitation center in the Netherlands. This concept was created to improve motivation and reduce anxiety while performing exposure therapy exercises at home. The concept consists of two products and an app. The first product is a wearable camera that can be worn by the therapist during therapy. He or she can mark important visual and vocal elements during a therapy session. When the session is finished, these moments are reviewed together in the app. The most valuable moments are selected and combined into a story. The second product is an intelligent glass that is used by the patient at home. It displays the created stories when they are most needed. With help of brainwave capturing technology and neurofeedback, the glasses make it possible to optimally prepare and stimulate the mind for doing the exercise at home.​


Understanding chronic pain and therefore the required treatment is quite difficult. Therefore, extensive research has been performed in roder to fully understand the needs of all stakeholders involved. Observations, Interviews, Context Mapping and developing a patient journey helped to map out the complex environment and to develop a fitting design vision. Subsequently, an elaborate creative process eventually led to several different concepts. Together with design coaches and experts from the hospital, one concept was chosen and further developed until the final proposal that was elected first out of the 13 participating students. See the slideshow below for a quick journey through the process.