Medical Design Portfolio - Jasper Faber 2018

The Schistoscope

Currently in Process | Delft University of Technology

Over 250 million people are infected with schistosomiasis. Early treatment is key in preventing deaths and reducing long term morbidity. To ensure this, access to accurate diagnosis, which is frequently lacking in rural Africa, is crucial. We aim to improve the quality of, and access to diagnosis of Schistosomiasis in rural Africa with the Schistoscope. The product will be based on smart algorithms used with an integrated android mobile and feature locally manufacturable embodiment. The product will be open sourced for easier scalability and deployability. The emphasis is to develop low cost, smart diagnostic tool that can be locally manufactured and repaired to be accessible to the last mile health care providers.


This project builds upon the idea behind the Excelscope. Instead of malaria, this device will focus in the diagnosis of Schistosomiasis. The larger size of the object to identify allow the product to be made of locally available materials. Therefore in this project, it is explored how the product fit in the market and sustain itself over a longer period of time in this challenging context.